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Our Top Recommendation
The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

Want to get some financial muscles? Want to drop off all the fatty debt? Dave Ramsey is America's #1 Financial Fitness Coach and can help you transform a skinny bank and fat debt account into highly efficient professional athletes that will take the stress out of your life and get you on the path to financial happiness! No nonsense advice and tips on getting yourself back on track. A must have!

Also Recommended
How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously

This book offers a simple yet proven to be effective formula that will help people free themselves of debt and learn how to stay that way. This edition is revised and updated and has a new preface written by the author. This is a complete step by step guide that will help people get out of debt and to also recognize a variety of things such as how to recognize signs of serious debt, learn how to deal with and negotiate with those angry creditors and collection agencies. The reader will learn to design a painless and realistic schedule to pay back debts. It also will help those in debt to learn how to cope with the anxiety and pressure that being in debt can cause.

Also Recommended
Escape Your Debt: The Ultimate Money Management Guide for Debt Relief, Learn How to Pay Off Your Debt and Live Debt Free Forever

This book is one that does a good job of outlining for the reader a variety of ways in which people can avoid debt and have comfortable financial lives. It is well written and done in a very easy to understand style. It offers some great ideas on how a person can change their life and to be financially secure. It offers many different strategies for staying out of debt and getting out of debt and remaining that way. It also offers a variety of resources available for those in debt.

Also Recommended
Debt-Free Forever: Take Control of Your Money and Your Life

This book is for those who are afraid to open up their bills because they are too frightened to see how much money they owe their creditors. It offers a very straightforward approach to teaching people how to manage their money which is based on hard work, prioritizing things of real importance and self-control. The book teaches readers how to figure out what they've really been spending, figure out how much they owe and how much it is costing them, how to build a budget and much more.

Also Recommended
The Holy Spirit, Your Financial Advisor: God's Plan for Debt-Free Money Management

This book tries to help readers discover that the Holy Spirit can help them with their money issues. It tells them what the Word of God has to say about people and the work of the Holy Spirit and all that one can achieve by letting the Holy Spirit guide them. It also gives them practical knowledge to help them take control of their finances, change their poverty mindset and much more.

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